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ARRI SkyPanel S360-C LED Light Kit


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ARRI has created the SkyPanel S360-C Kit to allow maximum creative use of the 360-C LED panel. The kit includes a 50.4 x 34.4″ surface area, bi-color fixture with a carbon fiber yoke and a short yoke for hanging the fixture facing down. The versatile light has interchangeable diffusion screens, so ARRI provides them all: Standard, Lite and Heavy Diffusion, as well as an Intensifier to boost output and facilitate long-throw use. The 360-C also comes with both 30 and 60° Honeycomb Grids that tighten the light’s 105° beam spread, eliminating spill light and permitting selective or dramatic lighting. A Super Clamp Adapter is also included to enable mounting of the Power Supply Unit to a variety of objects such as light stands and truss.

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