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Kino Flo – Flathead 80 Kit


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This Flathead 80 System from Kino Flo is a large, soft 51 x 24″ bank with a low 4″ profile that uses 8 optional True Match lamps to create a wall of light or simulate a large bounce surface with low demands on floor space. It’s also an ideal overhead source. The light includes a Flathead 80 fixture, two 4Bank universal ballasts, a 1-1/8″ Junior mount, and two 25′ head-to-ballast cables. The Flathead 80 System comes with a gel frame, 90-degree louver, and 4 cardholder brackets that allow the use of foam core panels as barndoors. Because of the wide popularity of the 4Bank, Kino Flo decided to use two 4Bank ballasts for individual lamp control instead of dimming. Each ballast runs on 100-240 VAC mains power for worldwide use.

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