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Mole-Richardson – 1600W Tener LED


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The First 1600W LED Daylight Fresnel. Get the power of a 10K and the beauty of a large, single source fresnel with a 14 inch Fresnel Lens. Clean, Crisp, 5600K Daylight output yet draws just 14.5 amps at 120 volt. Just plug it into the wall outlet. Outstanding photometrics for the Tener, providing 2,000 foot candles at 10 feet in full FLOOD position and 4,000 foot candles at full SPOT. That’s the equivalent output of a 2,500W HMI Fresnel. The Mole Tener 1600W LED Fresnel head weighs just 41 lbs. To save weight the electronics have been incorporated in an electronic ballast which connects to the head with a 25ft header cable. Ballast features DMX 512 input and output jacks. Optional 50ft header cables are available.

Type 9371 Daylite

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Weight 40.0 lbs