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Mole-Richardson 250W Daylight LED Softlite


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Providing a soft, diffused light that wraps around your subject is the 250W Daylight LED Softlite from Mole-Richardson. This model features a North American plug and utilizes two 150W Quantum Dot LEDs in order to produce a max output of 150 fc at 5′. Also, this version has a daylight-balanced color temperature of 5600K for convenience and a CRI rating of 90. Additionally, contributing to the softness of the light is an 8 x 8″ aperture and a wide beam angle of 170°.

This light can be dimmed from 100-0% and features DMX512-A in and out port for remote operation. The unit itself is also constructed from aluminum and has an IP30 rating. In addition to all of these features, the LED Softlite has passive-forced air cooling and a yoke for mounting.

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Weight 15.0 lbs