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Orca OR-444 Sound Harness


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Take the weight of your sound equipment off your shoulders with this 3S Sound Harness Spinal Support System from ORCA. The 3S is a modular, one-size-fits-most harness designed to support ORCA bags. You can use it as a single unit or separately as either a vest, a spinal support, or a waist belt.

The vest and waist belt are constructed with 3D EVA foam for all-day comfort. The belt adjusts with a roller buckle system that allows you to turn knobs and finely tighten the belt to your preference. The rigid spinal support is constructed with a pneumatic and spring system that adjusts to your height preference and lifts the shoulder straps off your shoulders, transferring the weight from the front-mounted audio bag to your hips.

There are numerous straps, loops, and D-rings around the harness for attaching audio gear and sound bags. The waist belt also features an integrated back pocket and USB Type-A cable with port to facilitate USB connections.

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