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Sachtler V 18 S2 with Flowtech Legs (100mm) Tripod Kit


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The Sachtler Video 18 S2 Fluid Head with flowtech 100mm Carbon Fiber Tripod & Carry Handle Kit provides you with an entire tripod system with carrying accessories, as well as a padded bag for transport and storage. The Video 18 S2 fluid head features a sliding balance plate with a 4.72″ sliding range, and it supports cameras and rigs from 4 to 48.5 lb. It features seven grades of pan and tilt drag, a zero setting for completely free movement, 16 steps of counterbalance, plus a Boost Button.

The flowtech 100 carbon fiber legs are lightweight and extremely stable. Capable of supporting up to 66 lb, they resist twist when panning for smooth camera movements. The included ground spreader folds neatly into the legs when packed for transport and allows for a working height range from 23.6 to 69.3″. The carry handle attaches to the head fitting of the legs, providing a comfortable way to carry the legs. The padded bag holds the head and legs during transport and storage.


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Weight 12.0 lbs