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Sachtler Video 60 Tripod with EFP Legs


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Being able to handle heavier payloads shouldn’t come at the expense of ergonomic, durable safe designs that can perform well in any conditions. The Sachtler Video 60 Plus EFP Fluid Head’s 18-step counterbalance system always works to protect you from inadvertent tipping while keeping the camera secure in any position. Weighing 8.4 kg with a 1.5 mm center of gravity height, it can easily support payloads of up to 65 kg.

As well as ensuring that you are always operating safely, the Sachtler Video 60 Plus EFP helps you get the best shots possible in any conditions. Touch & Go quick release and automatic locking make setting up fast, while Sachtler’s frictionless leak proof fluid damping with nine levels of drag ensures both horizontal and vertical tilts and pans are jerk and vibration free.

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Weight 50.0 lbs