Schoeps MK 5 Microphone Capsule (Matte Gray)


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THIS IS NOT A FULL MICROPHONE – This is a capsule for use with the Schoeps CMC 6U Omni/Cardioid Microphone

The matte gray MK 5 Microphone Capsule from Schoeps offers 2 selectable directional patterns, but uses only 1 membrane.

In its omnidirectional setting, the MK 5 Microphone Capsule is a true pressure transducer with smooth, extended low-frequency response, low sensitivity to most wind and breath noise, handling noise or mechanical vibration, and no proximity effect.

In its cardioid setting, the MK 5 Microphone Capsule retains its full directionality even at very low frequencies. The benefits of this design in purity and clarity of sound are immediately audible. Additionally, the MK 5 has a slight high-frequency emphasis.


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