Shadow Maker by Magic Gadget


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Packing a great deal of lighting control flexibility into a compact 3x4x7 inch package, this unit features 3 completely isolated dimmer circuits wired to 3 standard “u-ground” type isolated plugs and sockets, making special connectors and high capacity power sources unnecessary! This flexible device can be used as a dimmer, a cueable dimmer, a silent switch, a flicker generator, or a chase generator!. The 3 dimmers are dual level, addressable by the flicker generator, which allows the selected effect to operate between preset high and preset low light levels. Apparently complex lighting effects become simple yet effective. 16 programs including firelight, candles, TV sets, movie screens, lightning storms, as well as several chaser/tracer variations, are actual digitized events contained in solid state memory providing up to 30 minutes of non-repeating effects. You can even design your own flicker effects (call for information on this feature). The rate control affords endless variations. If 20 amps per channel is not enough to do the job an Interface signal connector for each channel allows remote control of external devices like our dimmers for nearly unlimited lighting power! SUPERTOOL GRAFIC The 3 flicker outputs are INTERACTIVELY RANDOM so that the three different lighting angles can be used to create moving shadows as a real fire does. A sync input allows several Shadowmakers to run from a single clock source or one Shadowmakers effect can be single stepped by a motion control or animation computer. Standard configuration features 3 Interface Output connectors to DIRECTLY DRIVE OUR DIMMERS, strap handles for hanging from light stands, etc., u-ground plugs and sockets, standard BLF type fuses, low and high output level controls for each channel, on and off pushbuttons, flicker delay (speed control) knob, toggle switches select effect memory location, 3 output activity indicators, ground integrity indicator, 120 volt ac 50/60 hz input, size appx. 3x4x7″.

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Weight 5.0 lbs