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Sound Devices CL-16 Control Surface


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Designed for 8-series or Scorpio mixers, the Sound Devices CL-16 is a mixer controller that combines the functionality of a traditional channel strip with the power and versatility of modern digital mixers. Once you connect it to your mixer-recorder via the included USB Type-B to USB Type-A cable, you can use the CL-16 to control channels, outputs, menus, metadata, and even on-set communications, and thus, improve the experience of cart-based location mixing.

The CL-16 provides 16 Penny & Giles 100mm linear faders, which are considered some of the smoothest faders around. The unit also offers 16 dedicated trim pots and a panoramic LCD screen that is readable in sunlight. This display will handle much of the necessary read-out information from your 8-series mixer-recorder.

You’ll find 32 multifunction controls for adjusting gains past channel 16, as well as for controlling bus gains, output gains, panning adjustments, and EQ. Five user-assignable buttons can be programmed to handle tasks you deem the most important, and built-in USB ports on the rear provide charging for phones, tablets, battery chargers, or other compatible gear. You’ll find three USB Type-A and two USB Type-C ports.

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Weight 10.0 lbs